Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9 по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему

6. agreed 12. walked

Контрольная работа по английскому языку (9 класс)

1) I have bought (a lot of/ a great number of) sugar and coffee.

2) Are there (many/a lot of) tomatoes in the fridge?

3) Mary wants to read (a great number of/ a great deal of) magazines and make a report.

4) She always has (much/ a great number of) things to do but she has no time at all.

5) John doesn’t speak (a lot/ much) but he is a very clever boy.

6) He likes her (much more/many more) than she does.

7) He didn’t manage to get (much/ a great number of) information from this article.

8) My sister has got (many more/ much more) friends than my cousin has.

9) I can’t see (lots of/ much) difference between these two jackets.

10) We have (plenty of/ many) time to visit our Granny.

II. Fill in the gaps with the right preposition.

1. Mike is very sad because he hasn’t got an invitation ….. Jane’s birthday party.

2. My parents can’t understand his attitude …. the problem.

3. Nobody could explain the reason …… her visit.

4. Mr Black is not in the office now, he is …. holiday.

5. He has been waiting for a long time but still hasn’t had a reply …. his question.

6. During the war all people had their hopes ….. the future.

7. Let’s meet at five in the evening and find a solution …. the problem.

8. She went to France ….business and we don’t know when she will come back.

9. The firefighters came late and the whole house was …. fire.

10. It’s not a secret that there is an exception …. all the rules.

11. All Bob’s friends ignored his demand ….. money.

12. Her reaction ….. Philip’s words was absolutely unpredictable.

13. Jill, you are wanted …. the telephone but I don’t recognize the voice.

14. There was nothing on the table but just a key …. the door.

15. Tourists went ….. an excursion to London on Sunday morning and they did a lot of different sights.

16. Students couldn’t help feeling great respect … their professor.

17. She is a very slim girl. I believe she is …. a diet.

18. John was shocked when he saw all the damage … his car.

19. Their desire … freedom was the only reason of their rebellion.

20. The Government introduced an amendment ….the law two months ago.

III. Fill in the gaps and put in the words : policy, politics, join, unite.

1) The ……. of our firm is to develop international cooperation.

2) I don’t like it when my father talks about …. to my grandpa.

3) I want you to …… us for dinner today. Will you come?

4) The problem is that he can’t work out his own …… on this question.

5) I think he won’t mind if I ….. you.

6) All people …… during the war and won it.

7) His ……. are too conservative to my mind.

8) If we pursue this ……. we’ll be able to solve the problem.

9) She wants to go into …….. too much.

10) Children, stand in a circle and …… your hands.

IV. Open the brackets with the right form of the verb in Passive Voice.

1) This information (to give) to us some days ago.

2) We knew that this article (to publish) next month.

3) The new shop (to build) here at the moment.

4) This magazine just (to read) by my sister.

5) She is so kind, that’s why she (to like) by everybody.

6) He said that the letter (to write) before they arrived in London.

7) Pete didn’t know that the report (to make) so well.

8) While the rooms (to decorate) they were listening to music.

9) It is common knowledge that in the nearest future computers (to use) in all spheres of life.