Контрольные работы № 1 и № 2 по английскому языку для I курса

10. Kate has got five __________________.

Контрольная работа № 1 по английскому языку

2. My mum says: “You need new sweaters and T-shirts”.

3. His friend says: “Your jeans are out of fashion”.

4. He tells Lena: “I can’t help you”.

5. Jack says to his sister: “My jeans and trainers are suitable for camping”.

II. Fill in the gaps with the right word

I remember my first day of school in detail. It was a nice bright September morning when my mum _______________me to a large school ground. There were lots of kids and parents there. At first I felt uneasy as I _____________ any of them. I wanted to go inside but the doors ______________. “Look around”, my mum said. “There are so many ______________ here. I’m sure you will make friends with them very soon”. Almost every child had a bouquet of flowers and I felt very proud because my bouquet was the ___________. Some men and women in the centre of the playground were telling us about their school years.

“Look at that woman, mum”, I whispered “She________________ to the Head of the school now. I’m sure that I __________________ her. Her face looks very familiar”.

Later I found out that she was a TV presenter for an educational programme for young children and a graduate of our school. She was a very ____person. Her clothes were __________ and _________.

III. What parts of speech are the following words? Show how they were formed.

Suitable, fulfillment, peaceful, responsibility, political, wisdom, unhappy, wise, kindness, information

IV. Fill in the gaps with appropriate article.

1. My grandparents live near ______ church. ______ church is very old.

2. My uncle is at ______ hospital now. He wants to visit my cousin.

3. The robber was caught and went to _____prison

4. ______Empire State building is ______tallest building in ______New York.